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“Epic” means to extend beyond the ordinary. The Epic Leadership Program is designed to Empower People and Increase Capacity within individuals. The program engages participants by challenging them to extend beyond the ordinary understanding of “leadership.”  
The focus of the Epic Program is to provide intentional and interactive training that will equip and empower current and emerging leaders. In conjunction with the mission of Storehouse Church, the Epic Program utilizes the three key words of “ignite,” “illuminate,” and “impact.”
1. IGNITE: Epic will ignite an individual’s passion for leadership and for utilizing their leadership skills for greater causes.
2. ILLUMINATE: Epic will illuminate an individual’s understanding of leadership in the local church setting, the workplace, the family, and the local & global communities.
3. IMPACT: Epic will challenge an individual to view their leadership as a resource to impact others.


The Christian journey is not meant to be lived alone. In the context of authentic community, you can grow in your God-given purpose and gifts. If you are serious about accountability and align with our core beliefs, values, and mission, then we invite you to join us on the journey of faith! Over a meal, you will connect with the Storehouse leadership and church members. Classes offered throughout the year. Class registration can be found here.

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Connect GROUPS

God's plan for the local church includes making disciples and equipping the members. If you are interested in growing in your faith through a committed community, then we want to walk alongside you. We will connect you with a Connect Group based on your interests, schedule, and location. Connect Group registration can be found here.